Presentation Photo by Paul Holland | The HDR Real Estate Package

The HDR Real Estate Package



I believe 'Less is More' and a limited number of shots that best enhance your property are what will draw the interest of a potential buyer.

Please note that the following represents a standard HDR shoot if I receive no alternative directions from the client.


Here is what I do at the scene:

  • Arrive promptly at the scheduled time
  • A quick walk through the scene to ensure the property has been staged as agreed and that all lights are on
  • Take up to 40 multiple exposure photographs in RAW format
  • The lot is photographed
  • Each side of the building is photographed
  • All finished rooms in the building are photographed
  • All photographs are shot in a horizontal format
  • Extreme wide angle lenses are used to create a sense of space and depth to the interior
  • I do not photograph inside garages, unfinished basement areas, storage areas or inside closets unless requested to do so by the client
  • I do not rearrange furniture with the exception of temporarily removing a piece that may block the foreground of an image
  • I may open closets or step into a shower stall to pull the camera back out of the room
  • The site visit will take an average of 90 minutes but vary according to size and layout


Here is what I do to process the images:

  • Download all of the RAW files to my digital work station
  • Examine each series to determine which files require HDR processing
  • Export the selected files to an HDR program and create a blended image for each exposure series that will best balance the light sources, creating an enhanced but natural look
  • Generally the newly created images become the files to be processed for certain interior shots and the exterior blends may or may not be used depending on the light that day
  • If the shots do not require HDR techniques a single exposure image will be processed
  • Select an optimum White Balance that best displays the room given the existing lighting conditions and sources
  • Process each selected image for exposure, contrast, shadow recovery, highlight recovery, black point, white point, saturation, vibrance, sharpness, noise, dehazing, lens distortion, align and crop to a 2x3 ratio
  • Where possible reduce individual colour channels to remove colour casts from interior shots that have excessive sunlight or fluorescent lighting sources
  • Very basic cloning is done to images with obvious visual flaws such as stained carpets, patchy grass, hydro wires, etc.
  • Complex cloning or masking to remove existing objects or distractions from images will only be done at the request of the client for an additional cost
  • Interior shots will have a soft bright but sharp feel revealing existing light and shadow
  • Exterior shots will have a slightly bolder but natural look
  • The images will have a consistent density
  • Convert the processed images to high resolution JPEG files in Adobe RGB(1998) colour work space
  • Note you can always reduce the resolution but you cannot go the other way
  • Upload all the converted JPEGs to a private client gallery on the Presentation Photo website
  • Notify the client by email when the files are uploaded and provide the link and password to access the gallery for unrestricted download
  • The files you receive will print and enlarge comfortably providing you use a professional printer or employ colour managed software


Should you require something different than the specifications above, it may incur additional costs.