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Comparison Chart - Real Estate Packages

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Basic Package          HDR Package          Premium Package


 Package Includes Basic HDR Premium 
Single daytime site visit, average 60 minutes yes yes yes
Dawn or dusk site visit, average 60 minutes x x yes
Up to 40 multiple exposures in RAW format/site visit yes yes yes
Lot is photographed yes yes yes
Each side of the structure is photographed yes yes yes
All finished rooms are photographed yes yes yes
All photographs are in 2x3 horizontal format yes yes yes
Extreme wide angle lenses used to create sense of space and depth for interiors yes yes yes
Wireless strobes may be used for fill light in unevenly lit rooms yes x x
Processing of a single exposure image from each of the multiple exposure series yes x x
Processing of each HDR multiple exposure series x yes yes
'Processing' includes following adjustments for each image: exposure, contrast, shadow and highlight recovery, black and white points set, saturation, vibrance, sharpness, noise reduction, dehazing, lens distortion, align and crop yes yes yes
Basic object removal and cloning x yes yes
Conversion of all processed images to high resolution JPEG files yes yes yes
Upload all JPEG files to secure private client gallery yes yes yes
Permission for unlimited download and use of all JPEG files related to sale of the property yes yes yes
Additional single exposure photos $1.50/photo x x
Additional HDR photos x $2.00/photo $2.00/photo
Add on services (AV, panoramas, extensive cloning, etc.) $60.00/hr $60.00/hr $60.00/hr