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Statement of Authenticity

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2006 Donzi 35ZR2006 Donzi 35ZR


  • Preparing and documenting your boat for sale is extremely important
  • The better the preparation, detailing and documentation, the better your chances of a quick sale
  • I provide the photographic documentation with a signed statement this is a true representation of the vessel
  • I will not erase damage or ‘repair’ a hull by digital cloning for this particular service
  • I can only offer advice on the detailing and preparation similar to staging a home for sale



  • I will attend one mainland location or mainland dock
  • Where possible, I prefer a boat to be on a trailer or blocked in order to show below the waterline:  hull, drives, keel, etc.
  • Trailered boats can more easily be moved to a clean backdrop
  • Boats may be trailered to my location in Gananoque for a discount
  • Slips generally provide poor visual opportunities, so consider a main dock near your location


2006 Donzi 35ZR2006 Donzi 35ZR


  • I take approximately 1 photograph/foot of the vessel
  • I document the exterior and the interior, including instrumentation, engines, panels and key components
  • All images are individually edited and include local adjustments within the frame
  • The images will be posted in your private gallery on my website for review and your digital download included in the base package price
  • If you require prints I will provide you with a code for a 25% discount on all custom prints
  • Regular pricing is applicable through the gallery pages for Pikto prints and specialty products


2006 Donzi 35ZR2006 Donzi 35ZR


  • Your vessel should be staged as if you were selling your home
  • The vessel should have all personal items removed from view
  • Additional distracting objects in the vessel should be removed from any area that is to be photographed, including such items as PFD's from a hanging locker, unused lines or fenders, dangling keys or wires, etc.
  • It is recommended to perform some level of detailing to the vessel





  • Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional it is important
  • The more you do here, the greater your chances of a sale
  • At minimum the boat needs to be cleaned, scuffs, streaks and stains removed from:
    • Hull & topsides
    • Upholstery and carpet
    • Waterline and fouling removed if out of the water
    • Bilge should be as clean as the rest
  • Wax and polish if oxidized


Statement of Authenticity:

  • Presentation Photo will provide the Seller with a signed Statement of Authenticity
  • This is a tool to demonstrate your professionalism and good faith which may be posted with your images
  • Buyers can be satisfied they are viewing an accurate and detailed representation of the vessel
  • Sellers can be satisfied they are posting professional images of their vessel
  • The images are equally important to both independent sellers and brokers
  • To view a sample statement: Statement of Authenticity