About Presentation Photo


Presentation Photo is located in Gananoque and the Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada.

I specialize in Real Estate and Artistic photography, from documentary to artistic capture. Presentation Photo, by Paul Holland, will ensure a professional and affordable package.

For Artistic Prints, please browse some of the many galleries identified in the menu. Consider prints for your business and homes to promote our area.

For Real Estate photography, please go directly to the Real Estate link.

Detailed services information may be found under the Information link.

All photographs are digitally edited in house with options for digital download, standard or custom printing, audio visual production, book publishing and specialty products.

Clients can privately view their images through the Client Access portal and Login to their private gallery.

Please call me directly on my mobile (613) 532-1452, or email me:  Contact link.  I do not participate in social media.


Presentation Photo

Passionate and Professional