Pricing Summary - All Real Estate Photo and Drone Packages

Packages and Services 2022 



The Quickie Real Estate Photo Package

12 HDR Photos


Additional Photos: $6/photo

Recommended for simple apartments, condos & small commercial




The Standard Real Estate Photo Package

40 HDR Photos


Additional Photos: $6/photo

Popular package for most homes




The Dawn or Dusk Exterior Real Estate Photo Package

12 HDR Photos


Additional Photos: $6/photo

A popular addition to the Standard Package for upscale homes & commercial



 Drone Photo

The Quickie Real Estate Drone Photo Package

6 HDR Photos


Additional Photos:  $10/photo

An effective way to illustrate properties with any extended lots or acreage



Drone Video

The Real Estate Drone Video Package

2 Minutes Raw Video


Additional Minutes:  $70/minute

Recommended for extended acreages where video is requested



The Real Estate Drone Photo & Video

The Real Estate Photo & Video Combo Package

Save $20

6 HDR Photos & 2 Minutes Raw Video


Additional Photos: $10/photo

Additional Minutes:  $70/minute

Best value and photographic coverage of any site


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