Presentation Photo by Paul Holland | AV Productions - Public
High PerformanceHigh Performance

Short HD AV Productions highlighting my photography. Best viewed on a large screen with great sound.


'Island Light' (New 2018) - My latest capture and interpretation of the Thousand Islands. (12:09 minutes)

'The River' (Updated 2018) - An artistic journey through the Thousand Islands. (10:15minutes)

'Ride Across the River' (Updated 2018) - High performance boats from recent Poker Runs in the Thousand Islands. (7:28 minutes)

'Marine Photography' (Updated 2018) - An introduction to my services and images. (5.29 minutes)

'Real Estate Virtual Tour Demo' (New 2018) - A slightly different approach to real estate video tours. (3:27 minutes)

'They Fell Here' (2014) - An emotional journey through the landscapes of the American Civil War. Brought together through a wide range of photographic and post processing techniques. (17:05 minutes)

'Faded Giants' (2014) - A nostalgic look at the era of the steam engine. (10.29 minutes)

'Christmas Light' (2012) - As the title suggests. (11.20 minutes)