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Pricing 2022


Services: Photographic, Digital Editing, Printing and AV Production:

My rate for 2022 is: $70/hour for all services

Pricing is simply calculated by time and my hourly rate. Please note that under normal circumstances more time is spent editing and producing the image rather than capturing it. Therefore, if I spend 2 hours photographing I am likely to spend four hours editing and managing the files.

Boat sales photos are priced separately as packages. See below.

Real Estate sales photos are priced separately as packages. Please see the Real Estate section.

2006 Donzi 35ZR2006 Donzi 35ZR

Boat Sales Package:

$4/foot of the vessel length (includes 1 site visit, documentary photography, editing of files and digital download) $65 minimum charge

25% discount for any custom prints ordered

High PerformanceHigh Performance

Additional Costs:

In water photography where I use my boat can be expensive. My time is from the moment of launch to retrieval for the photography portion of the project. There is an in water surcharge of $200/hour when using my vessel and the client will pay all fuel costs. I have a twin engine 35’ high performance vessel. She does get thirsty.

I am pleased to save you all these costs if you are able to provide a suitable vessel to serve as an in water photography platform.


There is no charge for land travel to a mainland site in the Thousand Islands area.

My hourly rate applies for travel to sites located beyond the Thousand Islands region. There is a surcharge of $25/hour and the client will pay fuel costs for the truck if my vessel has to be trailered beyond the Thousand Islands region for in water photography. The client will also be responsible for any related marina, docking or storage costs.

Harbours and ShoresHarbours and ShoresMarine Harbours and Shores

Economy Prints and Products:

All images located in the public and client galleries may simply be ordered by adding the print to your cart and following the prompts. Pricing for prints and available specialty products are displayed on the web page once you have selected the image. The orders are fulfilled by Pikto in Canada and may be subject to change compared to the price quoted on this website.


Custom Printing:

I use Epson Premium Luster as my base media. Other media are available, but may involve a slight cost increase for specialty art papers.

All custom prints include global and local edit of exposure, contrast, colour, tone, sharpening, cropping, dust removal, limited artifact removal and enhancements. Extensive cloning or repair is subject to additional charges of my hourly rate and is not recommended. Custom prints are ordered directly through me: Contact

Print Size                        Prints of My Work        Prints of Submitted Files

5” x 7”                                    $25                                   $15

8.5" x 11”                                $35                                   $25

8.5" x 11" w/double mat           $40                                    $30

13” x 19.7"                              $80                                    $45

13” x 19.7" w/double mat         $100                                   $65

17” x 22”                                $110                                   $60