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High PerformanceHigh Performance


Photographic Services


I specialize in Real Estate, Marine and Artistic Photography:

  • Documentary sales photos of boats, residential and commercial real estate
  • Artistic photos of boats, residential and commercial real estate
  • Events on and off the water
  • For Real Estate photography please go to the Real Estate Home Page:  Real Estate




Fine Art photography:

  • Please browse the various galleries for fine art prints
  • Included among the galleries are my passion for trains and Civil War landscapes



Sail & Non PowerSail & Non Power

Standard Prints

Standard prints of my work or photographs I have taken for you may simply be ordered through the gallery pages, using the online printing services. Please note at this time the standard print supplier is Pikto which ships from Canada.

Contact me if you are looking for a standard print and you receive a warning the file size is not large enough. I will attempt to upload a larger file size in those situations.



Custom Printing


I offer custom printing performed by myself on media up to 17” wide. All custom prints are individually edited before produced in house on an Epson 4900. For large prints that truly stand out I highly recommend a custom print. I am also pleased to edit, enhance and print your own files if the original capture data is suitable (file size, sharpness, exposure, etc.) Custom prints will have greater tonal range and detail than a standard print since they are produced from a larger file and broader colour space. 



Digital Editing


I run more than a dozen photographic software programs to perform digital edits and enhancements. I prefer to work with my own RAW captures which contain the most data as a starting point, but I may also be able to work with your files if they are of sufficient size and quality. All custom printing includes digital editing of the file. Some limitations apply to submitted images requiring extensive restoration.



Stations and MuseumsStations and MuseumsTrains Stations and Museums

Audio Visual Production


I have been producing AV shows for over 35 years. These days I prefer to keep it simple and effective, blending images with music and titling. Small productions can be created for events, retirements, sales, etc. Productions can be viewed on HD TV’s and large screens. I have presented in many venues including the Ottawa Conference Centre and National Arts Centre. Big screen and big sound for that special event or small screen and favourite music for the family collection.  Sample productions may be viewed in the Audio Visual Section: Audio Visual


This and ThatThis and ThatOther This and That

Book Publishing


I will assemble photographs into a self-published book through Blurb publishing. You may publish your own books on this site through the gallery pages and selecting from the specialty products on the right. You may use any photos from my galleries or your client access galleries.