From a Documentary Photograph to an Enhanced Look

Create a Special Look for Cover Shots, Background Images or Publicity Photos


Documentary photographs are generally important for Real Estate and Boat Sale shoots. The viewer has a right to see the property as it is.  As explained in the 'Creation of an Image', sophisticated camera and processing techniques are often required to obtain a natural looking image. However, for that eye catching image that may be used as a cover photo, promotional publication or background image to text, it may be necessary to capture the viewer's attention and draw them in for a closer look at the documentary photographs.


A variety of techniques and software programs are designed to enhance images. Below are just a few samples of the techniques that can be employed to develop the image. For further considerations please read the page on methods of capturing the image: Photographic Styles



Basic exposure with slight enhancement for contrast, colour balance, colour saturation, detail shadow and highlight recovery




Boosting colour saturation for vivid colour




Desaturation of colour to mute colours, possibly for a background image with text or image overlays



Gentle Glow

Gentle glow added to saturate and highlight colour and form




Digital conversion of image to reduce contrast and detail to create a painted look




Modern Antique

Various effects applied to provide a unique and subdued look




Black and White

Conversion to black and white




Conversion to black and white with a tone added




Conversion to black and white with a charcoal effect applied for a heavier look




Masking of image and introduction of blended graphics