The Dawn or Dusk Exterior Real Estate Photo Package ($130)


Designed as a supplemental service to the Standard Package

I believe 'Less is More' and a limited number of shots that best enhance your property are what will draw the interest of a potential buyer.

Please note that the following represents a Dusk or Dawn shoot if I receive no alternative directions from the client.


Here is what I do at the scene:

  • Arrive promptly at the scheduled times
  • A quick walk through the scene to ensure the property has been staged as agreed and that all lights are on
  • Take up to 12 multiple exposure photographs in RAW format (Additional photos $6.00/photo)
  • The lot is photographed
  • Each side of the building exterior is photographed
  • A dawn or dusk shoot of the exterior in mixed light conditions with 5 multiple exterior exposures
  • All photographs are shot in a horizontal format
  • Extreme wide angle lenses are used to create a sense of space and depth to the interior
  • I do not photograph inside garages, unfinished basement areas, storage areas or inside closets unless requested to do so by the client
  • I do not rearrange furniture with the exception of temporarily removing a piece that may block the foreground of an image
  • I may open closets or step into a shower stall to pull the camera back out of the room
  • The site visits will take an average of 2 hours (separate or combined), but vary according to size and layout


Here is what I do to process the images:

  • Download all of the RAW files to my digital work station
  • Examine each series of exposures and determine which series will require HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing
  • Blend the HDR exposures together
  • Select an optimum White Balance that best displays the natural lighting conditions and artificial sources
  • Process each selected image for exposure, contrast, shadow recovery, highlight recovery, black point, white point, saturation, vibrance, sharpness, noise, dehazing, lens distortion, align and crop to 2x3 ratio
  • Where possible reduce individual colour channels to remove colour casts from interior shots that have excessive sunlight or fluorescent lighting sources
  • Add neutral gradient filters to balance light in the scene
  • Minimal spot or artifact removal
  • I do not clone, mask or otherwise remove existing objects or distractions from images unless requested to do so at an additional cost
  • Interior shots will have a spacious and bright look, revealing existing light and shadow
  • Exterior shots will have a slightly bolder but natural look
  • The images will have a consistent density
  • Convert the processed images to JPEG files in sRGB colour work space suitable for web and small print publishing
  • Upload all the converted JPEGs (3000 pixel width) to a private client gallery on the Presentation Photo website
  • Notify the client by email when the files are uploaded and provide the link and password to access the gallery for unrestricted download
  • Original high resolution RAW and PSD files in ProPhoto RGB colour space are kept on file should you require them for special publications or enlargements
  • The PSD files are roughly 50mb/photo and will be available if the client provides a flash drive to transfer and pickup the files
  • The files you receive will print and enlarge comfortably providing you use a professional printer and employ colour managed software


Should you require something different than the specifications above, it may incur additional costs.